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Sabatier knives have a rather mystifying history. Years before copyright laws were introduced and implemented to protect the uniqueness of brands, two families, both hailing from France, started out with top-quality knives of their time. Both were named Sabatier, and as their knives grew famous, people started confusing the two. Taking advantage of the situation, forgers jumped in, making and selling Sabatier knives. To make things worse, all of them used the same logo!

Eventually, the law caught up with them. The French government announced that every brand needs to add a distinctive letter at the end of their name to make it possible for customers to distinguish between them. For this reason, today, there are a number of Sabatier brands available in the market – each offering knives and blades with distinct characteristics.

Irrespective of the Sabatier brand you are using, it is inane to replace your knives every time the sharpness of the blade subsides. However, it is important to realize that the versatility of these brands can easily lead an amateur knife sharpener to mess the knife sharpening process, causing uncalled damage to the blades. Precision Sharpening can help you tackle this problem!

Sabatier Knives Sharpening London

Our knife sharpeners are experts when it comes to Sabatier knives – all brands! Whether you have the lovely K-Sabatier Chef Knife, Sabatier High-Carbon Stainless Steel Paring Knife, rather inexpensive Sabatier Steel Knife Set, or any other kind of Sabatier knife, Precision Sharpening knows exactly the right way to sharpen it. Make the right choice for your knives and make a booking today to receive the best knife sharpening services in London at the most affordable rate.

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